New in our assortment:
Terra - the current trend!

We already see this beautiful atmospheric colour on the walls in many houses. The colour immediately brings a warm atmosphere to your home. To furnish the living room in the same style, we have added the storage box in the color Terra to our Sigma home collection.

Terra is a trend colour, with a colour palette that’s based on natural materials. It can be perfectly combined with our Sigma home pink, dark blueand dark green. All our Sigma home storage boxes (7 sizes) are available in this new Terra colour. We are adding a full colour Terra lid to our collection and we designed a lid with matching print. There’s no end to the combinations you can make in this collection! Terra is one of the four Sigma home colour collections. The ten different Sigma home storage box colours are sorted and combined into four different style collections. Each style collection has several lids that match with the colour palette.

The new Terra collection will be available mid-September!
Download the presentation about this new trendy series of storage boxes below.

If you have any questions or are interested in our new Terra collection, please contact your Sales Manager.

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Terra collection

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