Sustainably committed

People's well-being and health is a central point at Sunware. The same goes for taking care of the planet on which we live. For now and in the future. Our CSR-team stays up to date on developments.

Sunware is the sum of all people who work there. We allow our people to get the best out of themselves and offer them the opportunity to further educate themselves. We will do our best to provide them with a comfortable and safe workplace where people can grow and develop.

Sunware caters lunch on a monthly basis for everyone, to enjoy together. Delicious pizzas, fresh sandwiches, a variety of soups and snacks. Activity-wise, we also motivate each other to face challenges and excel, but mostly: to have fun together!

Socially involved
Besides all this, we are socially involved. We offer workplaces to people who have a distance to the job market.