We are Sunware - perfectly organised!

A tidy living and working environment gives you a sense of calm. We are progressive in offering a tidy living environment where we contribute to a positive influence on the environment and people. Our mission is to translate customer wishes into functional and sustainable storage solutions in order to create a tidy living environment. Products that make you happy and give you the opportunity to live a perfectly organised life.

It started on a Sunday...
Friends Theo and Manus had been working in the plastics industry for some time when, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the 1960s, they decided to start their own company: Sunday Inventive Products. With the help of befriended mould makers and manufacturers from Belgium, the aim was to conquer a market with a small collection of plastic products; products with a little something, an extra function, a special twist. In 1978, the name was changed to 'Sunware' and the foundation was laid for the company as we know it today: one of the first Dutch producers of plastic household products.
All our products are designed with the best of care and produced to the highest quality standards. They make us happy and enable us to live a 'Perfectly organised' life. Our motto 'Perfectly organised' is not only aimed at our consumers, but also at ourselves, our product range, our customer service and our approach.
Theo en Manus; 1960

Over the years, we have expanded our collective and business to where we are today: a strong, reliable and global brand.

Since 1978, Sunware has been based in Tilburg and all products are distributed to customers from its 20,000m2 warehouse. In order to be able to operate even more flexibly, we started our own production company in Waalwijk in 2011, which enables us to respond even better to sustainability and specific customer requirements.

Our motto is ''Perfectly organised''. An organised living and working environment gives you peace of mind. With this in mind, we create smart, functional and stylish storage solutions for every area of the home; from kitchen cabinets to the attic, indoors and out.